Virtual Village
In our African Virtual Villlage, you can find anything you want to live the African way and enjoy the African culture whilst living in Perth. From hair style to music and home decoration, you’ll find that special thing that makes Africa more present in your daily life.

wazza with djembe african drumMulti-talented drummer extraordinaire

When it comes to drumming, Warren (artist name - Wazza) is the man! "Dun dun" is the African name for a barrel shaped bass drum that is played horizontally or vertically with sticks and often accompanied with a bell, played with the other hand. Although the duns are his speciality, Wazza performs in nearly every african (and less african!) group or band there is all around Perth... You name the percussion instrument, he can probably play it =) He always supports and promotes Afrotonic and we do the same for him! He drums avery Tuesday for Roanne's african dance class in north Fremantle and alternates Fridays and Sundays at the other 2 class venues. For more information, contact Wazza on 0416 216 477 or

West African Drumming

Want to learn how to play on the djembe (traditional African drum)? Paul Osei Kofi, lead drummer of African group AKWAABA can teach you how to. Paul conducts regular classes every week in various locations. It’s fun and more easy than you think! For more details, call Paul on 0422 251 031, email or check

djiby playing sabarSabar Drumming

Sabar Drumming is native to Senegal and is played with a stick in one hand. Djibril Diagne, Senegalese master percussionist and founder of African Percussion group BONO can teach you this amazing technique. Weekly classes currently held every Saturday at North Freo Bowling Club. For more details, call Djiby on 0411 021 966, email or go to

alastair african drumming African Drumming

Alastair’s 'Village Vibes' Intermediate/beginner African drumming class is run every Tuesday 7-9pm at the North Fremantle Bowling Club, 40 Stirling Hwy (entrance off Harvest Rd/ Thompson Rd), North Freo. Learn to play dun duns, djembe, marimbas, congas etc - Alastair is a patient, beautiful teacher and you are bound to love the vibes!! For more information, contact Alastair on 0433 844 213 or


Home Decoration

If you like an African style at home, check out Giraffe, Unit 4, 165 Grand Blvd , Joondalup, Ph 9301 2803

African Hairbraiding & Extensions

Ever dreamt of having that amazing African hair style (like Kwame’s)? Well, now we know his secret: Ashanti Hairbraiding on 196 William St , Northbridge. For more details, contact Virginia on 9228 1398.


African Radio Multi-talented drummer extraordinaire

Listen to the live Voice of Africa Radio from your computer —current affairs, interviews with African leaders, traditional and contemporary African music, etc.



Angelique Kidjo (pictured), Ismael Lo, Rokia Traore, Bamako, Toure Kunda, Youssou’N’Dour, Fela Kuti, Africando, Mariam Amadou and many more… Jacques has a fantastic choice of African CD’s at his shop Le Forum in Fremantle.

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