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Welcome to our AFROTONIC family which has many friends in Australia and overseas that, like us, are passionate about African dance, music and art and want to share their passion with you. We also check out the web regularly and when we find a great site promoting African arts or culture, we list it here for you to enjoy.

Friends of Afrotonic promoting African Development & Community

Roan Afrotonic sponsors children to go to school SenegalARK1 (Western Australia)

ARK1 stands for “One Act of Random Kindness” and its mission is to help fight poverty in Africa by providing local communities access to the tools & training necessary to achieve long-term self-sufficiency in a healthy environment, starting with the village of Yoff in Senegal ( West Africa ) and gradually spreading to neighbouring villages and beyond. Founded by Philip Reed and supported by Afrotonic, find out how you can make a difference on



Performing Friends of Afrotonic

AKWAABA - Drumming Classes & Performances (Western Australia)

Led by Paul Osei Kofi from Ghana accompanied by other talented drummers, AKWAABA is a high-energy African percussion ensemble that will get you groovin’ on the dance floor. Paul Osei also conducts weekly African drumming classes in various suburbs.

AFRICAN OZ DRUM N DANCE (Western Australia)

Led by dynamic world-class performer and teacher “Odai” Affotey from Ghana. His passion for sharing his traditional African drumming and dancing with the Australian community has made him a sought after performer and teacher.

Bangourake (Melbourne)

Born in a Griot family, Mohamed Bangoura (also known as Bangourake) is an amazing master drummer from Guinea who's life has been totally dedicated to the music and traditions of his country. Mohamend Bangoura regularly comes to Perth to conduct workshops and shows.

Djibril Diagne - Drumming Classes & Performances (Western Australia)

Djiby is a talented master drummer from Senegal, versatile in many African percussions including djembe, sabar, tamar, saourouba, bougarabou and doundouns. Djiby conducts weekly classes in Sabar drumming and has founded performing group BOLO.

Village Vibes (Fremantle)

Led by Alastair Van Schoor, Village Vibes brings an exciting performance of traditional African songs, zimbabwean mbira music and the amazing wooden sounds of the South African marimbas. Check them out on facebook:

Ekome Tours (Melbourne)

Tuza and Simon founded Ekome tours together to promote West African culture through drum & dance tuition and performance as well as through the organisation of tours in Ghana . Tuza regularly comes to Perth to conduct workshops and shows.

Grace Barbe (Western Australia)

Grace Barbe, born in the Seychelles and formerly lead singer with popular WA band Raggabeats, has assembled a talented cast of musicians including bass player/guitarist/producer Jamie Searle , drummer Freddy Poncin and keyboard player Sally Quearly.

Hands, Heart & Feet (Blue Mountains , NSW)

Emily Cooper is a beautiful classically trained dancer that learned West African dancing with Griot Mohamed Bangoura. Together with John May, she has founded Hands, Heart & Feet to promote Joy through Drumming & Dancing.

Koru Community Dance Theatre (New Zealand)

Koru Community Dance Theatre is a community based company in New Zealand led by our dear friend Ra, a past student of AFROTONIC Dance and performer with ORGANIKDANCE . Koru promotes African inspired tribal dance and music through general community classes and performances.

Lamine Sonko (Melbourne)

Percussionist, dancer, singer and choreographer, Lamine is an amazing multi-talented artist from Senegal . AFROTONIC regularly organizes workshops and shows in Perth with Lamine.

Moses Nii Odartei (Western Australia)

A qualified ethnomusicologist and professional drummer from Ghana, Moses performs with various local African Percussion groups and conducts weekly drumming classes in Perth. Click here to download Moses' current drumming class brochure.

Rhythm Fix (Fremantle)

With long term experience in the music industry through performing, corporate workshops and school incursions, Stacey and Martin Phillips have teamed up to form Rhythm Fix, a Fremantle based booking agency and drum services provider. As performers and local facilitators they have their ear to the beat of Freo and have teamed up with their artist friends to offer some of WA’s best in world musicians, drum'n'dance teachers, dancers, street performers, and djs.

Shangara Jive (Fremantle)

Led by songwriter and drummer George Joe, Shangara Jive has being delivering since 2001 an array of Zimbabwean ritual and contemporary music styles fused with elements from the Congo, South Africa, Tanzania and West African nations.

WALA (Ghana)

WALA is a vibrant & colourful 5-piece group that plays original rhythms and songs inspired by traditional music from Ghana . Odai, Aflah, Abli, Ago and Akaa all have amazing talents and a passion for their art and regularly come to Perth to conduct workshops and shows.

Ziggy Bey Jan (Western Australia)

Led by Ziggy Diagne from Senegal, the Ziggy Bey Jan group is a high energy Afro/Jazz dance band that plays a fusion of African M’balah rhythms with elements of reggae funk, rap and jazz. Ziggy's myspace

Friends of Afrotonic promoting African Arts & Culture in WA

African Community of WA

African Community of WA is a non-profit, non-racial and non-political organisation. ACWA organises Africa Day Celebrations bringing together its members and the WA Community to celebrate African cultural diversity.

Proud 2B African

Ribbon of Africa is a Perth fashion-based business created by our friend Taku to empower African people living in Australia and encourage a Proud 2B African attitude. Taku also organises events promoting African culture & heritage.


KULCHA is a window to the world without leaving Perth ! From Albanian harmonies to Zambian beats, there are no borders to the expression of art, culture and language!

South Africans in Perth

This website portal is for South Africans in Perth and is also for Perthonians and for the transionals who are still deciding between being Saffas or being Perthonians .  Newbies to Perth will find that the 'Handy Information' page is a worthwhile read, with links to schools, hospital emergency activity, public transport, business licensing, real estate, etc. Even traffic updated in real time on Twitter.

Zambezi Promotions

Zambezi Promotions are responsible for bringing renowned African performers such as Youssou'N'Dour and Oliver Mtukudzi to their fans in Australia .

African News & Events

Africa in OZ

Check all the latest news about upcoming African gigs & shows all across Australia , as well as what's happening in the African Continent.

African Radio

Listen to the live Voice of Africa Radio from your computer: current affairs, interviews with African leaders, traditional and contemporary African music, etc.

African Music - CDs and DVDs

Diaspora World Beat (online shop)

Diaspora World Beat is an Australian-based company that offers you a wide variety of African CDs to purchase online.

African CDs (Fremantle)

Angelique Kidjo, Ismael Lo, Rokia Traore, Bamako , Toure Kunda, Youssou'N'Dour, Fela Kuti, Africando, Mariam Amadou and many more... Jacques has a fantastic choice of African CD's at his shop in Fremantle.