Dance and Fitness Classes

Afrotonic Dance & Fitness classes provide a full body workout whilst giving you the freedom to express yourself to the powerful beat of African music. It is an exhilarating and unique cultural experience that makes you feel energized and alive whilst helping to release stress and strengthen body and mind.

Classes are conducted in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere and are accompanied as often as possible by live African Drumming so that the students can feel the energizing power of the drums and get a better understanding of traditional African rhythms.

Young and old, children (from 3 years old) and adults, men and women, with or without previous dance experience – anyone is welcome to join and have fun! Sign up a friend for a class and you get a free bonus class.

Aicha and Roan in african dance workshopOur classes are on-going and held twice a week...

* Every Tuesday from 6:15-7:30pm at North Fremantle Bowling Club on 40 Stirling Hwy (turn on Harvest Rd, entry off Thompson Road). No mirrors but live drummer(s) every week!

* Every Saturday from 5:00- 6:15pm, at the Dance Workshop, North Perth 65 Scarborough beach rd, at the corner of Scarb bch rd and Loftus sts. Travelling West on Scarb beach rd, it is on the Left just before you reach Loftus st lights. You can park on the road either side of Scarb beach rd, or you turn Left at the Loftus lights then Left again to park round the back of the Dance studio. The venue has mirrors, live drummers and lovely floors... Come try it out!!!

Cost for either is $20 casual or $100 for a card of 6 classes ($16.5 per class) to use at either venue within 2 months. If you buy a card, and then bring a friend, you will also get one class for FREE (ends up at $14.5 a class!) The highly discounted card system is to encourage you to commit to coming regularly, and work towards a goal - eg a student performance =) =) =)

contact me if any queries =).

Organise a group of 10 friends or more to commit to a minimum 5-weeks program and we’d be happy to find another venue and day that suits you best. Register your interest in classes by email

Now and then, for the Full Moon, we also get together with fellow drummers for a Full Moon Drum’n’Dance night at the beach. These are great opportunity for dance students to come and join us to try their techniques, improvise and have fun, or simply watch and relax. Check our News & Events section for update on date, time and location.

What’s an Afrotonic Class like?

Afrotonic Roan and Vero warming up african dance north freo bowling club Afrotonic Dance & Fitness Classes are usually broken down in 5 sessions:

1. Warm Up
Uniquely designed to help stretch and tone the whole body, loosen the breath to release stress and feel the way each body part moves separately from the rest. African dance uses all parts of the body and leaning how to isolate and move each one of them - particularly the chest and pelvic area - is an essential introduction.

2. Into the Groove
Learn simple and basic steps to get familiar with the African dance style and start discovering your own body language. With African dance, one must feel the way their body is moving and there are as many ways to do a move as there are individuals.

3. Tonic Power
Learn a choreographed series of steps inspired by West African dance that is guaranteed to burn calories, build stamina and create excitement! Each step is broken down so that everyone, including those who have never danced in their lives, can learn, sweat, and have fun.

Here is an example of one of the dances I taught in class:

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4. Free Spirit
Let your wild spirit soar and experience the emotional high of free dancing to the powerful beat of African music. Solo improvisation is a big part of traditional African dancing and a symbolic celebration of everyone’s uniqueness and instinctive creative richness.

5. Afro Chill
Focus back to your breathing and share some relaxing and yoga-style stretching exercises to the soothing sound of African songs.

What are the benefits of Afrotonic Classes?

There are benefits on so many levels because Afrotonic classes help address the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the individual and the community.

Kyle and Afrotonic african dance happinessPhysical/Body Level:

  • Enhanced general health & well-being
  • Better coordination, flexibility, balance & spinal mobility
  • Increased energy levels, muscle tone& cardio fitness
  • Improved posture
  • Increased awareness of the physical self in motion



Aflah is another dancer who inspires Afrotonic's african dancing Roan Flying Afrotonic african dance Emotional/Mind Level:

  • More happiness & joy
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased self-confidence & esteem
  • Ability for self-expression, intuition & creativity
  • A deeper connection with yourself & others
  • A great way to socalize & make new friends




Spiritual/Soul Level:

Dance therapists believe that mental and emotional problems are often held in the body in the form of muscle tension and constrained movement patterns. African dance has the power to heal this through body awareness and by connecting humans to their own spirit and internal rhythmic force.

You can also find out more about African Dancing – its origins and in which way it is different to other dance forms.

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