About Afrotonic
roan johnson african dance

Roan Johnson joined AFROTONIC in 2010 and now leads the Afrotonic Dance Troupe and Tuition, teaching in North Fremantle, North Perth and Duncraig. Born in London from musician parents but raised in France amongst a mainly North and West African community, Roan was introduced to African music and dance from a young age. She dabbled into tap dance, hip hop, flamenco and salsa in her teens, and even traditional 'breton' folk dancing! She followed her career dream of becoming a Vet in WA and since her arrival has been dancing and performing African dance with most of the teachers and drummers in Perth.

Roan developed her skills as a choreographer and performer in African Dance and now owns and manages AFROTONIC. She continues to attend workshops in Australia and overseas with master dancers from Senegal, Ghana, South Africa and Guinea. Roan believes that everyone is a dancer, as long as you let your enthusiasm and energy shine through, and she sees African dance as a fun, active experience to be shared by people of all backgrounds and ages.

dian african dancing

Dian Abdurachman joined AFROTONIC Dance Troupe over 1 year ago and has a versatile dancing background which includes Latin Ballroom, Jaipongan, traditional West Javanese dancing as well as Flamenco. Born in Indonesia, Dian came to Perth to study in 1997 and discovered the joy of African dancing after attending a workshop with Shonah Honeyhill Sonko. She then joined AFROTONIC as a Dance Student and became so addicted (and committed!) that she grew into a confident performer. She loves African dancing for its grounding and uplifting nature, the freedom and creativity it promotes and because at a symbolic level it is also a venue to be together despite our differences.

hannah dancing african dance
Hannah Wilkins is our latest AFROTONIC Dance recruit but her love story with African dance started at the very young age of 13. Having grown up in a musical family in Perth, Hannah would spend hours as a child ‘free’ dancing around her lounge room to ‘The Steel Drums of Trinidad’. At the age of 16, she discovered African music and would take every opportunity to see live shows and dance.  She has been dancing Egyptian style since 1994, performing and teaching, and in 2004, started learning West African dance. Hannah loves the natural movements of African dance and the pure joy it brings and feels very honored to be a part of such a dynamic and passionate group of dancers.
kwame and veronique african dance

Veronique Thomann and Kwame Selormey founded Afrotonic and will be sorely missed, so must be mentioned in the tributes!

Veronique has been doing African dance for nearly 20 years, starting in Paris with Guinean teacher Ana Camara. She then moved to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean where she continued her training. Always eager to learn more and improve her skills as a dancer and teacher, she has been attending numerous workshops in Australia and overseas with master dancers from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Congo, Guinea and Senegal. After having managed Afrotonic for over 5 years, Veronique left Australia in July 2011 to return to her homeland, in France.

Kwame was born in Ghana, West Africa and for over four years studied Ghanaian tribal dance and West African Cultural Values. Kwame has a strong involvement with the African community in Australia and continues to engage with the community to find new ways of celebrating the African culture in Australia while promoting inclusion and strong links to Africa.